Met Craig and got an impromptu tour. Love the original sauce but we were also able to buy some new "test" sauces. Can't wait to get home and try them. Worth the drive for sure just to meet the legend himself. Best sauce ever and a great guy running a great business. I wish them all the success possible.

Jim K.

I put hot sauce on everything and am very picky, but this is the best habanero sauce!!! Not too hot, flavor is amazing.

Shannon Dolan

Lives up to the hype.

Brad H.

Best most flavorful hot sauce ever! Not too hot not too mild... Perfect!

Mark S.

I was gifted a bottle of Cry Baby Craig's hot sauce by a friend (because my name is Craig and he knew I liked hot sauce). It is the best hot sauce I've ever had. I ran out quickly. When I placed an order for more, the owner sent me an email "from one Craig to another what size shirt would you like?" Amazing customer service!!!! LOVE IT.

Craig Engelland

I moved to Minneapolis, from Wisconsin in 2017 and I had no idea that this sauce even existed. Now, I see it all over the place and thanks to my kitchen job, I had the chance to try it, and I'm glad I did. I love it and you can put it on almost anything. Definitely a great alternative to Tabasco Green Pepper Sauce.

Robert Bischel

Awesome! I put this on EVERYTHING!

Amber Avery

We love this stuff. By far our favorite hot sauce.

Alex Nelson

A great sauce which showcases a great balance of heat and flavor from the habanero! It isn't pure spice, but appeals to those who enjoy a sauce that compliments just about everything.

Matt A.

This hot sauce is so insanely good! I am a huge fan of hot sauces and this is one of the best I've ever tried. It's got decent heat but the flavor is what will really impress you. I suggest it as an excellent pair to things like tacos and eggs, or pizzas with a white sauce base. In my opinion though it doesn't quite match up with pizzas and pastas with a red sauce base. It's not really a failing at all though, it just shows how potent the flavor is! 10/10 recommend this sauce to anyone who comes across it, it will change you.

Peter Johnson

One of my favorite sauces, the flavors are INCREDIBLE and the heat is great, strong but it won't make you suffer. The owner is really friendly too!

Joe G.

I received my hot sauce yesterday. I made Tilapia last night. I must say the hot sauce had the perfect kick!! Thank you Sam for the shipment!!
- Miriam's Fashion Boutique

Mo Stewart

I have a pantry full of hot sauces but Cry Baby Craig's is by far my favorite. It's extremely delicious and well balanced. My local grocery store only seems to have a few bottles on hand at a time, so I buy them all.

Tj Spilde

Great place, great people....Fantastic hot sauce

Jason Wheelock

Best Hot sauce. Fiancé and I put it on literally everything!

Victoria M.

I stopped in with my mom on our trip to the Super Bowl. She had to get home made hot sauce for her boss on our trip. they were so nice they gave us some of their private stock sausages. The guys were great. The owner was awesome. the sausage's were a mouth watering Minnesota treat. The hot sauce is already most gone. I cant wait for base ball opening day so I can come back to get some more.
From Seattle

Cory Belkevich

I consider myself a hot sauce aficionado and I can safely say that Cry Baby Craig's is the best tasting sauce I've ever had.

Owen Jones

Our food rep told us about this sauce. We loved it and even had a burger on the menu featuring it. People loved it. Heat, slightly sweet, slightly acidic and great flavor. I would recommend to anyone!

Ria Grand

One of my favorites and our go-to hot sauce. It is a rare meal when a bottle is not on our table. Well done!

Tyson Paape

Best hot sauce in town

Kaleb Weber

Best sauce in all the land!

Elizabeth Kubricky

Great flavour and perfect amount of heat. Beats my other favorites by far. Highly recommended.

Jon Goodman

This is, without a doubt, the best hot sauce I've ever tried in my life. Great medium heat level, that is balanced, packed full of flavor, and tastes good on pretty much everything. We tried it at Hell's Kitchen in Minneapolis, and brought two bottles home with us from their store. When we had finished half a bottle in less than 2 weeks, I knew I needed to order a case. I'm now on a mission to introduce everyone I know to it.

Jessica Steinthorson

We met Craig at St. Paul's Grillfest in his early years and were literally blown away with how great this sauce was. The only place to find it back then was at a gas station in Minneapolis. We have been on a mission to introduce it to as many people we come across ever since. Great product!

Bob Besser

Met Craig today at a local gas station for the first time today and had a great experience talking with him. Real cool guy to talk to. I'm normally hesitant on trying new hot sauces because of how similar they all are but ended up getting some from him and was simply amazed.
Incredibly flavorful sauce that is not over bearing like normal sauces that are super salty with an intense heat but bland flavor. This will be replacing the other hot sauces I have hands down.
10/10 recommend to anyone looking for something delicious and flavorful for a great price!

Matthew Huss

Best hot sauce out there!

Danny Kern

My favorite sauce. Great flavor and heat level. I've got a bottle in my car so I never have to go without it.

Vesper Schake

Such a great unique flavor! The pickling comes through but without overpowering the other flavors. Well-balanced and just tasty.

Shaun Thibodeau

This hot sauce is the best. So many flavors come alive, not just heat. It is so tasty on absolutely everything. It makes a great gift too. The best part is that the owner and creator is a gem and a Minnesota Treasure. One taste and you will be a loyal customer. A brief chat with Craig will win you over for sure.

Twain Bonath

met a gentleman this past weekend in northern mn, from the company, he sent me a few bottles and I have to say its one of the best sauces I've had. will definitely be buying this hot sauce!

Jimmy Taft

I know different people have different tastes, but this is hands down the best sauce I have ever had. If you like or love hot sauce, you will not be disappointed. Right amount of heat and full of flavor. even my 10 year old son loves it.

Michael Barnes

Best Hot Sauce.

Cry Baby Craig's is not just a hot sauce it's a gift from God. I took a supply with me when I moved out east and my wife orders it for any gifts she gives me. Craig has masterfully captured the complex deliciousness and heat of the habanero pepper without numbing your palate so you can continue to enjoy your dish, but more importantly continue to relish in the pure joy of tasting Cry Baby Craig's with every bite without having to taste a bunch of vinegar like some other hot sauces out there.

Cry Baby Craig's is a staple in my lunchbox and a constant travel companion worthy of its own checked bag(bottles are just a tad over the TSA liquid limit, not a bad "problem" to have and worth the chance of them not catching it on the X-RAY if you're in dire straits).

Buy this hot sauce. Love this hot sauce. Change the way you eat with this hot sauce.

Peter Jene

This is the best hot sauce I have ever had. Not to hot and great tasting

Ted Miller

Best Hot sauce this side of the equator!

Bobby Crash Keller

Best hot sauce of all time!!!!

Ash Ochoa

Amazing! Reminds me of Yucatan Sunshine which I grew up with, but I like this more. And not just because I live in NE haha.

Jason Kokal.